Introducing Grata Canis Major
With this latest release enjoy unmatched coverage, access to executive contacts, and a sleek new Google Chrome extension.
Product Update

At Grata, our mission is to be the authority on small and medium business data. Small businesses are a huge opportunity: they account for 99% of US businesses and 49% of private-sector employment. And yet it’s an often-overlooked opportunity because inefficient prospecting leads to high customer acquisition costs. Historically, there hadn’t been a high-quality, cost-effective source for B2B data - until we came along. 12 months ago, Grata Search was hyper-focused on surfacing software companies. Today, with the release of Grata Search Canis Major, we reaffirm our mission to facilitate business development across all industries. By bringing together a team of leading machine learning engineers and thoughtfully listening to the market we’re proud to offer customers the most sophisticated private company search platform ever. Welcome to Grata Canis Major.


Canis Major is the latest release of Grata Search and is focused on three core pillars: search coverage, contacts, and a new Google Chrome Extension.

  • Grata users now have access to six million small and medium businesses - with more added each week. From next-gen software to local HVAC companies, you’ll find the companies others miss.

  • Search isn’t the final destination, it’s the path, which is why we’ve taken the entire process into consideration and added verified contact info.

  • Identify companies effortlessly while browsing with our powerful Chrome extension. Review key data points, add new companies to your lists, and run a similar search in seconds.

“Canis Major represents an entire year’s worth of customer and prospect feedback. Users want more undiscovered companies, access to verified contacts, and a native fit into the prospecting process. I’m incredibly proud of our engineering team, who have worked tirelessly to make Canis Major a reality for our customers.” - Andrew Bocskocsky, CEO

Best in class small and medium business coverage

Now with access to over six million businesses, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive company search engine ever. When Grata Search was first launched our focus was software companies. However, each one of our customers has a unique focus and a unique need. From agriculture and farming to telehealth, we’ve cast a wide net to service even the most targeted query. And we’re not done.

  • Each week our Data team adds thousands of companies to Grata

  • 150,000 data points are added every day

  • And we’re constantly refreshing company data to stay up to date

In addition to giving our users the widest reach, we’re focused on adding and updating firmographic data like company size and locations. Our scalable process for identification, segmentation, and profiling ensures users enjoy a consistent pipeline of new targets and lookalikes.

Access to executive contacts

Account identification is only part of the journey, which is why we’re focused on delivering an end to end prospecting experience within Grata. With Canis Major, users will be able to access over one million executive contacts, ensuring outreach lands with the highest-level decision maker possible. Eligible users will immediately find contact records from their List, without having to filter on specific companies or job titles. Click the Contacts tab from within a List and Grata will start to populate, matching people with the associated companies in the List.

Our contact information is diligently vetted for accuracy and deliverability then rated for users. Where possible, emails and social profiles are verified with 95% certainty. Users will also know when a contact has passed through employment verification. Contacts, much like company coverage, will grow over time thanks to a streamlined data pipeline and our unwavering focus on implementing sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

A sleek new Chrome Extension

Our users have a hunter’s mindset: always searching for the next target. Prospecting is a never-ending task, which is why we’re expanding the power of Grata to Google Chrome. Access company profiles, List data, and Contacts all while browsing with the new extension - Grata for Google Chrome.

Activate the extension from any website to view the company’s profile in Grata and find warm leads in seconds. With just one click uncover key data points from a website including ownership, business model, and funding. Users can add target companies to Lists and find contact information directly from the extension, seamlessly integrating Grata into your workflow.

The big picture

Twelve months ago, we launched Grata Search on a mission to be the single source of truth for small and medium business data. Today, with the release of Grata Search Canis Major, we’re one step closer to delivering on that promise by offering customers the most sophisticated company search engine in the world.

Grata’s commitment to our customers is matched only by our ambition to unlock prospecting efficiency in the middle market. Happy Searching!

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