Manufacturing Success with AI-Infused Precision at LFM Capital

Ryan Richardson, a Senior Associate at LFM Capital, chose Grata to bolster their traditional methods and level up with a cutting edge proprietary sourcing solution. Ryan discusses Grata’s streamlined capabilities and saving of weekly research time - and how his team even uses Grata to guide their portfolio companies’ sales efforts.

The Challenge

 LFM Capital, a private equity firm focusing on smaller North American manufacturing businesses, was striving to identify quality investment opportunities in a highly competitive landscape. They faced a pressing need to stay ahead with the right technology and tools to streamline their sourcing efforts. Ryan Richardson, a Senior Associate at LFM Capital, elaborated on their challenge: "There's a lot more dry powder out there than ever before with a lot of investors all chasing the same deals."

The Decision

LFM Capital chose to partner with Grata, a deal sourcing platform that offers comprehensive data on companies for investment sourcing. They specifically chose Grata for its user-friendly interface and highly specified search capabilities. “It's incredibly easy to use. It gives you high-quality acquisition targets and you can boil it down to a very granular level for thematic and add-on searches” Richardson explained.

How Grata Helped

Utilizing Grata’s AI-powered search, LFM Capital was able to identify potential investment opportunities with unprecedented precision. Richardson narrated their experience using Grata for prospecting in the defense electronics industry: "We were able to narrow a pretty impressive list of add-ons of about 250 or so companies in the U.S. and Canada that met a lot of key investment criteria for us." Richardson also praised Grata’s ability to parse companies’ information even from less up-to-date websites, appreciating the system's ability to "scan an entire website, every single page of it, and identify certain vocabulary, terminology, services, capabilities, and acronyms specific to this industry.”

But Grata’s advantage didn’t stop at sourcing potential investments. It also provided a valuable tool for LFM Capital's portfolio companies, where its data and search capabilities were used to bolster business development efforts. "We've actually used Grata to help our portfolio companies identify potential sales leads and targets", Richardson said, relating a story of one company landing a deal based on Grata’s leads.

The Results

The decision to incorporate Grata into their tech stack proved extremely beneficial. Richardson reported, “We've had a lot of interest from business owners we have reached out to and there are a lot of active conversations ongoing in that space. It's been a game-changer." The tool had a marked impact on the firm’s efficiency, saving individuals around five to seven hours a week of research time.

Further, Richardson emphasized Grata's role in offering high-quality leads for their portfolio companies, driving greater value for their investments and stakeholders. "We can use Grata to help our portfolio companies’ sales efforts, which will accelerate revenue growth, and ultimately lead to a better investment for us, our management teams, our LPs, and everyone else involved."

Through Grata, LFM Capital has not only expanded its ability to find new potential companies but also leveraged these insights for the growth of its existing portfolio companies. Its journey with Grata signifies the importance of innovative technology in streamlining sourcing efforts and enhancing business development in the modern private equity landscape.

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