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How it works

Grata UI
our data

Your private market source of truth

Offering the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and insightful business information on small to medium-sized businesses, opening up 50% of the US economy. All the company intelligence for private market dealmaking, all in one place.

8M+ companies listed and growing
150k+ data points added per day
100k+ companies refreshed per day
1 search logged per minute

grata ui
our tech

Discover deep contextual company insights

Advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that read and structure business information from company websites at scale provide unparalleled contextual insights about private companies.

  • Automated company website identification
  • Smart web crawling
  • Machine learning driven classifications
  • Contextual keywording
  • Statistical benchmarking of financial proxies
  • Web data matching and enrichment
grata ui
your intelligence

Gain an informed advantage

Enabling you to better assess strategic alignment and develop relationships with target companies by understanding:

  • Similar companies
  • Business models
  • Sectors
  • Target verticals
  • Size
  • Growth
  • Hiring
  • Ownership
  • Funding
  • Locations

Search, made smarter

Grata helps you and your team...
grata ui

Streamline searching

Find the companies you're looking for faster with Grata's powerful search capabilities.

grata ui

Curate lists

Map your target universe by building lists with a custom search, or use pre-built lists to jump-start your search.

grata ui

Find similar companies

Surface the companies that look like your best opportunities and fit your filters.

grata ui

Stay on top of changes

Be the first to know about website changes and key events like growth, hiring, funding, and ownership changes. Insight delivered straight to your inbox.

Grata UI

Make contact

Get in touch and land more meetings with verified company owners.

grata ui

Analyze markets

Your market intelligence in realtime, not days or weeks. Get the custom birdseye views of your niche, so you only spend time in the markets best for you.

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