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As we close the books on 2023, Nevin and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Grata's fantastic journey over the past year. Most importantly we wanted to express our deep gratitude to our clients for their trust as well as the incredible team at Grata for their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Since the beginning, community building has been a core value at Grata. This year made it increasingly clear that great software companies are much more than just great tech. 

In 2023, one of Grata’s greatest strengths was our team’s ability to build real partnership with our market.

This was recognized by G2 by awarding our team best-in-class across three community-centric categories; category leader in support, easiest to do business with, and easiest setup.

We’d bet anyone who’s interacted with our team would agree. Some of our favorite quotes are,

  • “Grata's Customer Support team is EXCEPTIONAL.”
  • “The team is always open to feedback and we are in continuous contact with them on how we utilize the platform."
  • “Customer service is uncommonly good for a SaaS product.” 

We’ve all worked with companies that are hands-on when it’s time to upsell or renew, but any other time are completely absent. Throughout the year, our team connects with our hundreds of clients to make sure they are getting value, truly being heard, and achieving their dealmaking goals.

In 2023, Grata hit a record level of engagement from our users - we more than doubled the number of product interviews to build new features, trainings, support sessions, onboardings, and business value reviews all in pursuit of delivering best-in-class outcomes.

These activities are a tremendous commitment of time for both our team and our clients, but we firmly believe they lead to mutual success.

We’ve also doubled down on community building activities by giving back to the next generation, through our Grata Scholars and Emerging Manager programs. These programs have helped create hundreds of employment opportunities and numerous new funds building a stronger, more robust dealmaking ecosystem.

Looking to 2024

As we look towards 2024, our excitement at Grata is at new heights.

In collaboration with our clients, we co-created a truly remarkable roadmap that our technical teams have been tirelessly driving forward. We couldn’t be more excited for the incredible new features, new delivery mediums, and even new product lines that we are bringing to market in the first few months of 2024. 

Complementing this technical progress with an expanding team and reaffirmed our commitment to community - we look forward to what the future holds.

Thank you again to our clients, partners, and team for making this year truly remarkable.

Here's to a successful 2024!

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