How Stout Scopes the Middle Market with Grata

Grata uncovers 25-50 new companies per engagement.

Client Overview:

Meet Stout

Stout Capital specializes in providing mergers and acquisitions advisory, capital market financing, and other financial advisory services to closely-held private companies, portfolio companies of private equity firms, and publicly-listed corporations. Their five core sectors include 1) Business and Industrial Services, 2) Industrials, 3) Consumer, 4) Healthcare and Life Sciences, and 5) Technology.


While Stout may take on other projects, “a majority of the professionals that we have on our platform and the deals we advise on are in an M&A setting,” said Elliot Grove, Director within the Investment Banking Group.

Elliot Grove is a Director in the Investment Banking Group within the Industrials practice and focuses on Industrial Technology. 


Irune Andres is an Associate in Stout’s Chicago office. She is not sector-focused but primarily works on Industrials deals. 

The Objective:

Turn Over Every Rock

Stout's objective: to simplify the process of identifying prospective clients and counterparties, as well as sourcing relevant contact information. Before Grata, and alongside Grata, Stout uses several avenues to ensure they are mapping the market accurately.

1)    Stout’s internal database is their first go-to when taking on a new project

2)    Stout’s referral network of private wealth management professionals, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals in the industry

3)    Relationships that Stout bankers maintain with sponsors

4)    Running screens and searches through other databases

5)    Conference lists


But Stout was seeking a straightforward way to sort through and quickly identify company profiles by keyword searches. 

The Solution:

How Grata Helped

Grata is the leading deal sourcing platform equipping dealmakers with the data they need to find hidden middle market companies. In every Stout engagement, Grata is the tool used to search millions of companies by keyword, industry, location, employee count and more.


Grata’s ML-AI driven platform means that private company information is consistently being added and each company profile is updated quarterly, displaying the freshest information available about companies in Stout's target sectors and sub-sectors.

Grata finds, on average, 25-50 companies per engagement that were not found through other databases or would have been significantly more time-consuming to find through other sources.

“With Grata, I feel confident that we've boiled the ocean,” said Andres.

The Results:

Grata helps maximize efforts during a market launch.

With Grata, the Stout investment banking team saves time. Time that is exponentially more valuable leading up to a market launch.

In the days or weeks leading up to the launch, manually sifting through search engines or databases is not the best use of an analyst’s time.

According to Andres, “Grata provides the ability to avoid searching on Google or digging through other platforms and helps analysts focus their time on deliverables that external parties and the broader market will review and analyze.” 

Grata Features they Love

Top features that increased efficiency in their sourcing workflow.

Contact Enrichment

Contact Enrichment gives Grata users the ability to request the emails for executive contacts that do not appear in a Grata profile (with 10 million company profiles and 6 million executive contacts, it happens from time to time).


“What really sold me on Grata is the contact enrichment. It provides the opportunity to outsource the process of identifying an email address or a phone number for a key executive at a private company. Without it, our analysts would spend significant time searching for that information across a list of 40+ companies,” said Grove.

Grata Support 

Grata’s Customer Success Managers offer unparalleled support. From trainings to search strategies, Grata has your back.


“What I like about Grata is that I'm able to combine multiple sources. For example, we had a client who was attending a trade show and was looking for the list of attendees. I emailed our CSM, asked for the list, and within a couple of days, the list of participating companies was uploaded for us to view into Grata,” said Andres.



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