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Grata is your first line of defense in sourcing proprietary deals, streamlining your search for the right targets and helping you find what others miss.

Canvas the universe of middle market companies

The average private equity firm sees only 18% of relevant deals. Confidently search for relevant opportunities amidst the complete universe of 6M+ hard-to-find middle market companies with up-to-date and comprehensive information about each.

Easily surface relevant targets

Grata's proprietary engine with 100M+ data points, equipped with a smarter search engine, enables you to see the right companies faster. Search by your thesis, in your own words. Find companies based on their strategy, business model, services, features, and more.

Get smarter, faster

Get the latest information on private companies. See what your competitors miss and engage in meaningful conversations with the right opportunities.

Engage with business owners
Get in touch with over 2M business owners and executives. The most comprehensive data on company owners in the market.
Keep your pipeline fresh
Grata’s proprietary data and algorithms give you an information edge - equipping you with key company insights before you make contact, making for more informed conversations.
Find companies that look like your best deals
The faster, simpler way to find and pre-qualify relevant businesses to reach out to, all with an ultra-modern, streamlined user experience
"Working with Grata is a force multiplier for us – allowing us to separate the signal from the noise in an increasingly noisy and competitive investing environment."
Rich Reuter, CFA, Garnett Station Partners
"The biggest benefit is just how comprehensive all the data is for the individual companies, as well as the industry search capabilities."
Will Hurtas, Copley Equity Partners
"Grata has made the time we spend sourcing deals massively more productive - and it enables us to identify opportunities we never would have found otherwise."
Partner, Mid-market PE fund
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