We are unlocking the middle market

The lack of accessible information about private middle market businesses is limiting economic potential. We're here to provide unparalleled information and access to drive the private economy.

$1B+ closed deals — 100M+ data points — 10M+ companies — 6M+ contacts — 100+ customers  —  $1B+ closed deals — 100M+ data points — 10M+ companies — 6M+ contacts — 100+ customers
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Our story

Despite making up nearly half of the US economy, private companies are notoriously difficult to find and engage even for the most innovative dealmakers.

In the past, finding the right small and mid-market companies for a deal has required a massive effort, and a bit of luck. This hurts target companies too, who often miss out on game changing opportunities as they are practically invisible.

So, what if there was a different, better way to do business? A solution that gave innovative dealmakers an edge? A tool to help them find the right company - at the right time?

That's why we created Grata - to make that difference.

Our deal sourcing platform streamlines the process of finding the best companies to target: making it easier and faster to gain visibility into the entire market, gather relevant intelligence on target companies, build bespoke lists, and find similar companies to uncover more of the best opportunities in less time.

Our Customers

Grata was built for dealmakers in the private market— investment banking, private equity, corporate development, venture capital, growth equity, and more — who want to gain a competitive edge in finding previously undiscoverable companies.

Core Values

Our core values define us and help us all drive towards our common goal.

Grata has a history of delivering at every level. People trust us because when we set goals, we achieve them. When we encounter challenges we learn from them and improve.
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We focus on clear goals. We address company issues out in the open within our organization. Everyone is held accountable in a positive, constructive way.
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We succeed because we're growth-minded and nimble. Wins at Grata are celebrated then built-upon; losses are analyzed then addressed. If something isn’t working we pivot. We’re always comfortable experimenting with new areas of opportunity.
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Grata’s community is a place where we share knowledge and ideas with each other, customers, investors, and partners. This builds trust, which builds lasting relationships. Everyone contributes to the shared vision.
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The team behind Grata

Where we're based

New York Office
15 W 18th St
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New York, NY 10011
Let's make business intelligence smarter, together  —  Let's make business intelligence smarter, together  —  

We're always on the look out for passionate innovators to join our team.

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