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In the dynamic world of dealmaking, information is king. Yet, a significant challenge remains in gaining deep insights into offline industries—sectors that traditionally do not have a strong online presence, making them difficult to assess using conventional digital tools like LinkedIn. Our new premium data offering is a groundbreaking solution that transforms how we understand and engage with these elusive markets.

Discover Unparalleled Insights with Review Data

Using our market-leading AI, Grata now aggregates Review Data for different locations of a business, integrating this information into a unified overview of a company's reputation and customer satisfaction. For the first time, dealmakers can gain in-depth insights into company performance directly from customer feedback.

Premium data empowers users with a new level of analysis and understanding that was once out of reach. By leveraging Reviews, Grata peels back the layers of offline businesses, revealing a treasure trove of data that can influence decision-making and strategy development.

Intelligent Sizing for "Offline" Businesses

One of the most significant barriers in assessing offline businesses is the absence of traditional sizing metrics, such as those readily available for online companies through platforms like LinkedIn. Grata offers a novel solution to this problem through the intelligent use of review count data. Now, sizing up consumer, retail, services, and healthcare businesses without a LinkedIn presence is seamless in Grata.

This approach to sizing offers a proxy for business volume and customer engagement, enabling a more accurate analysis of a company's market presence and potential.

Instantly Identify the Market Leaders

In the competitive landscape of dealmaking, time is of the essence. Grata's sophisticated filtering system, including the innovative Locations filter, allows users to quickly identify high-performing companies by adding ratings data to their searches. This feature enables a more efficient selection process, focusing efforts on engaging with the most promising targets and avoiding those that do not meet the mark.

By weeding out underperformers and pretenders, users can allocate their resources and time more effectively, ensuring that only the best opportunities are pursued.

Streamlined Efficiency: Data Access Like Never Before

The integration of review data within Grata not only opens new doors to understanding offline businesses but also significantly enhances user productivity. By consolidating critical information in one place, Grata eliminates the need for multiple tabs and additional dataset purchases. Users can sort, filter, and export the data they need from a single platform, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time and resources.


Grata's innovative approach to leveraging Review Data is a breakthrough for those seeking to understand and engage with offline industries. By providing unprecedented insights, intelligent sizing, and efficient data access, Grata is setting a new standard in business analysis and intelligence.

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