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Transform the way you interact with CRM data, using our most advanced integration - CRM Intel. Say goodbye to the days of toggling between systems and hello to a new era of efficiency and insight with Grata.

CRM Intel is not just another CRM integration; it is the most intelligent and sophisticated integration designed to empower you with the crucial insights needed to close deals more effectively and efficiently. Here’s how CRM Intel can transform your workflow:

Sourcing Supercharged:

Directly leverage your firm’s proprietary data from Salesforce, Dealcloud, or Hubspot to uncover the best deals with unparalleled precision.

Your Data, In Grata:

Save invaluable time by accessing your most critical CRM data directly within Grata profiles and our handy Chrome extension.

Relationship Mining:

Enhance your deal-sourcing efforts by filtering searches and lists in Grata with your CRM data, helping you identify key relationships and top-scored targets effortlessly.

Prioritize Your Targets:

Use Grata tables to visualize your CRM data, enabling you to sort by priority and last outreach date, so you can focus on the most promising opportunities. Exporting your curated lists is just a click away.

Similar Companies - Your Competitive Advantage:

Prepare for meetings and craft compelling cold emails by easily identifying similar companies within your portfolio, recent deals, and important conversations you've had, all powered by CRM Intel.

Stay Informed with Alerts:

Never miss a beat with customized alerts that notify you when your team engages new targets, when companies you’re tracking raise capital, or when you’re assigned new companies to review.

CRM Intel is your gateway to unlocking hidden opportunities and closing more deals. Transform your approach to deal sourcing and enhance your strategic outreach with the smartest integration on the market.

Welcome to the future of CRM integration, where your data works for you, making you the most informed and efficient player in the room. Let Grata’s CRM Intel open the door to a world of possibilities and pave the way for your firm's success.

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