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In the rapidly evolving landscape of private markets, staying ahead of the curve demands not just hard work, but smart work. That's where Ana comes in, our revolutionary AI-powered analyst designed to transform how you conduct desktop diligence. Ana was built exclusively for the private markets and infused with insights from our proprietary crawl of the 'business internet', making it an indispensable part of your decision-making toolkit.

Ana is Your New Favorite Analyst

Ana is not just another AI tool; it's your gateway to mastering desktop diligence with unparalleled efficiency and insight.

Master of the Hard Questions

With Ana's generative AI capabilities, tackle the most challenging questions that define the true potential of your targets. Ana delivers insights that go beyond the surface, illuminating the path to informed decision-making.

Screen Deals with Precision

Ana quickly answers nuanced questions about your target’s competitive advantages, business drivers, and market trends affecting the business. By spending less time manually scouring websites, Ana ensures that you are always a step ahead, and adequately prepared for investment committee, board, and client meetings.

Elevate Your Sourcing Strategy

Whether it's catching a CEO's eye or bringing something new to the table, Ana is your ultimate secret weapon. Dive deep into new sectors effortlessly, enabling you to navigate more meetings successfully and with confidence.

Unlock Endless Possibilities

Ana opens a world of new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of the latest advancements in AI with Grata’s proprietary data. Interested in learning more? Follow us on LinkedIn for AI pro tips.

Ready to Transform Your Diligence Process?

Ana represents a leap forward in making informed, data-driven decisions in the private markets. By distilling complex information into actionable insights, Ana not only saves you time but also equips you with the knowledge to make impactful decisions.

For any dealmaker eager to explore the frontiers of AI in the private markets, Ana is your companion. It's not just about doing things faster; it's about doing them better, with a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics at play in each decision you make.

Follow us on LinkedIn for AI pro tips, insights, and updates as we embark on this journey with Ana.

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