Driving Business Success through Seamless Contacts and Information Accessibility: Pineland Capital Partners and Grata

Grata has been instrumental in helping Pineland Capital Partners efficiently identify business owners and compile target lists, saving time and enabling effective outreach.

The Challenge

At Pineland Capital Partners, a buy-side investment bank, operations rely heavily on getting the right contact at the right time. As they manage platform searches and acquisitions for an array of private equity investors, Pineland found it was facing a significant business challenge: connecting quickly and accurately with company owners and executives. 

"Before Grata, I was honestly googling business owners' name and cell phone numbers—it was very inefficient," said Matt Rainwater, the founding partner at Pineland Capital Partners. Suddenly, Grata entered the picture, promising an easier and more time-efficient solution to identifying targets. 

The Decision

Grata's Google Chrome Extension, when used on a company's website, saves Pineland time by pulling up vital information such as the owner's name and their LinkedIn page—a feature that Matt found particularly appealing. He states, "What I loved about Grata was the easy ability to pull up owners' names, provide contact information, and quick links to their LinkedIn page. It was an extremely effective way for Pineland to be extremely focused in our searches and contact information."

Interestingly, the decision to go with Grata was more instinctive than analytical. After witnessing the tool's capabilities in a demonstration, Matt said, "I signed up for Grata very quickly after that initial demonstration. It was a game-changer. There is no way I can work without it now."

How Grata Helped

And Grata delivered. One of the most impressive outcomes was during the initial Grata demonstration, where, in a list of 20,000 companies, one fire protection company emerged as a potential target. It was initially not on Pineland's target list, but Matt recalls making a call to the company two days later, and that's when the magic happened. "I spoke with the company owner and got a deal done. It was the first deal that Pineland closed, thanks to Grata."

The Results

But successful lead generation is not the only impressive attribute of Grata. Matt particularly appreciates the exemplary customer service Grata offers. "Grata is a 10 out of 10," he says, highlighting the platform's excellent customer service and quick response times. Matt mentions his liaison, Fiona, who always ensures he gets a response on the same day he poses a question. 

Additionally, Grata earns praise for its comprehensiveness in information availability. It exhibits remarkable accuracy in the data provided, including crucial details about companies' ownership status. For Matt, this is a significant differentiator between Grata and other platforms.

"Grata does a great job of letting you know who owns the business, whether it's privately held, whether it's private equity owned...all that information about the ownership and the impact of those transactions is within Grata," Matt highlights. 

Pineland Capital Partners now operates with an efficiency that was missing in their early days. Matt sums it up stating, "I can't work without it—it has become a part of our day-to-day operations. This tool is essential for generating our target list of companies to contact and enabling us to focus on relevant leads." 

Leveraging the power of Grata, companies like Pineland Capital Partners can telescope their reach to potential targets, ensuring they spend the right time with the right contacts, thus pushing their growth trajectory forward progressively.

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