Relationship Development

Nurture and search your relationships. Stay top of mind for the next deal.

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Private Equity Wire - Best Deal Origination Technology award for Grata
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Trusted by over 500 firms and
‍3,000 dealmakers

and 9 of the top 10 management consulting firms

Nurture your relationships

Your relationships are your most valuable asset. With Grata, you unlock the power of your connections to get 10x more deals and build your competitive edge.

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Network Intelligently

Transform your contact database into a contact search engine. The smartest way to search, prioritize, and track the companies you're connected to.

  • Start with warm connections: every time you search in Grata, see who you know
  • Keep your companies and contacts up to date
  • Track your relationships, be the first to know of any changes

Expand your network

Looking to expand your network? You now have the data you need to find and build new ones. Looking for an add-on? Grata will learn from your network to present net new opportunities in the same space. You can also find investors and bankers that are doing deals in your sector.

- Find niche bankers and business brokers that know your space.

- Find lawyers, accountants, and influential advisors in your space.

- Find investors to partner with.

- Meet new dealmakers at conferences and events.

How it works

step one
step one

Upload your rolodex

Connect your CRM with one click. Take things to the next level with our most intelligent integration, which allows you to filter on your proprietary data in Grata.

step two
step two

Find Warm Connections

In every search, start with who you already know. Or filter them out to see net new opportunities.

step three
step three

Build new relationships

Up-to-date executive and dealmaker contact information at the companies you track. Having your CRM integrated with Grata allows you to mine relationships more effectively.

step four
step four

Search Your Relationships

Instant searching. Find the right contacts in a new space you're exploring. Meet your contacts on your next trip.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a CRM to view my relationships in Grata?
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Yes, you need to connect your CRM.

How is this different than CRM? What can I do in Grata that I can't do in my CRM?
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Grata integrates the data in your CRM (your relationships) into business development workflows. For example, seeing who you know at a conference, seeing investors you have relationships with when building a buyer list, or prioritizing companies your firm may be connected to when sourcing new investments. Additionally, Grata overlays a powerful search engine on top of your connections, so you can tap into your connection in new ways: for example, if you're planning a trip to NYC, you can search for all companies you know that are 20 miles from NYC.

How does Grata know my relationships?
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Grata looks at the companies you've engaged with in your CRM, keeps the data up-to-date, and makes it searchable in realtime.

"I previously had to do detective work to find good companies to call on. I've used many sources and evaluated many companies, and if I had to design a perfect tool for this it would be pretty close to Grata."
Frank Leibly, Alcon Partners
"The biggest benefit is just how comprehensive all the data is for the individual companies, as well as the industry search capabilities."
Wills Hutras, Copley Equity Partners
“We looked at other solutions like Capital IQ– but there was a world of difference between their company data and the information we needed.”
Andrew Wert, Air Techniques International
Andrew Wert
"We are constantly looking for innovative ways to find better answers for our clients. Grata has been terrific for us and allowed us to uncover insights we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find."
Aaron Smith, L.E.K Consulting
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