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Not Another Company Database

When you're keeping track of private companies, it's hard to have confidence in manually compiled company databases. Business activity is dynamic and ever-changing.

Grata brings the power of machine learning to automatically triangulate the most trustworthy insights, starting with any company's most reliable source of truth - their website. Our proprietary ML/Natural Language Processing algorithms, smarter search, and signals ensure that, whenever a company updates its information, you'll be the first to know. True company intelligence at your fingertips.

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Grata gives dealmakers a competitive edge

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Boundless Search

Looking beyond databases:
The best campaigns start with the right companies. Grata’s search engine gives you what databases and Google lack. Search full company websites for strategic fit to uncover missed acquisition opportunities.

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Streamlined Sourcing

Learn more, click less:
What once took hours or minutes to find detailed, relevant company information across multiple sources, Grata achieves in seconds with only a few clicks.

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Relevant Insights

For more signal and less noise:
Company websites can be broad. Targeted search splits what a company does from what a company talks about, so you cut through the noise and level up your deal flow.

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Market-wide Visibility

See what others can't:
Middle market companies and SMBs are over 99% of your opportunities. Capture hard-to-find companies that aren’t in the news or raising capital. Be the first email in a CEO’s inbox.

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Find Similar Companies

Based on criteria that match, and matter:
Source the companies that look like your best investments and most loyal customers. Automate your company research & replicate your best deals.

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Grata versus
Company Databases
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It's hard to have confidence in manually compiled company databases in today's ever-changing market.

Grata provides:
- A larger universe of companies
- Fresher data
- More advanced search and discovery capabilities
- Higher value at a better price point, thanks to
  automation and machine learning

Financial Data Providers
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Financial Data Providers in the private markets are good for deal data and precedent transactions. But they lack reliable revenue data and miss the majority of private companies that haven't raised funding or been acquired.

Grata provides:
- A larger universe of companies, covering bootstrapped, founder, and family-owned businesses
- Financial proxies you can trust
- More advanced search and discovery capabilities
- All the sizing data you need to estimate private company valuations

B2B Contact Databases
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Contact databases help you get in touch with decision makers but are made for sales teams, not dealmakers.

Grata provides:
- Contact information for business owners, so you pay for what you need
- More advanced company search and discovery capabilities so you see the right companies for you
- All the information you need to qualify investment & acquisition targets, combining ownership data with size, location, and industry
- Bi-directional integration with the leading deal CRMs: Salesforce, DealCloud, and Hubspot

Deal Marketplaces
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Deal Marketplaces are good to find companies that are already for sale.

Grata provides:
- Access to truly proprietary deals - companies that have yet to think about being acquired
- Higher quality companies that don't have a reason to sell
- Companies that your competitors aren't looking at
- The universe of private companies, so you see similar companies and discover hidden opportunities

"I previously used to have to do detective work to find good companies to call on. I've used many sources and evaluated many companies, and if I had to design a perfect tool for this it would be pretty close to Grata."
Frank Leibly, Alcon Partners
"We can use Google, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, AND SourceScrub, or we can simply use Grata. Grata is more dynamic, complete, and fits the profile of a searcher better."
Aaron Perrine, Trilogy Search Partners
Aaron Perrine
"Grata removes the friction in finding private companies. Instead of spending countless hours sifting through databases and websites, we can find the information we need on middle-market companies through Grata. This has been essential for us to expand our reach and deliver care in today’s fast-moving market."
Shale Gulbas, Cypress Growth Capital
Shale Gulbas
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