Find and target private companies

Grata is a modern company search engine for proprietary deal sourcing and targeted B2B campaigns
Expand your footprint

Middle market companies and SMBs are over 99% of your opportunities. Capture hard to find companies that aren’t in the news or raising capital.

Find look-alike companies

Source the companies that look like your best investments and most loyal customers. Automate your company research.

Technology for sourcing automation

Advanced machine learning and NLP accurately capturing text from company websites at scale. Leverage CRM integration, data aggregation, and automated deck creation.
Over 1M executive contacts at your fingertips

Grata doesn't just help you find accounts. Identify executives at your target companies and integrate verified emails with your CRM.

Exectutive contacts
Personalize B2B outreach at scale

Give every prospect the personalized experience they want. Discover the custom signals that make companies right for you. Open more conversations and close more deals.

Never miss an opportunity

Search full websites. Go beyond short descriptions, static industry codes, and conference lists. Find the middle market companies your competitors miss.

Targeted middle market sourcing across industries

Private Equity

Market mapping, proprietary deal sourcing, buy-and-build strategies and roll-ups
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Corporate Development

Thematic list building, similar company search, verified executive contact information
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