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Grata is the engine for proprietary market intelligence. Unearth the insights that would previously have been impossible to see. Help clients in new ways, make faster business decisions, and deliver more precise answers at scale.

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Map markets in real time

Confidently build comprehensive lists of companies for each project amidst the complete universe of US companies, with up-to-date and comprehensive information about each. Market research done right.

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Surface hidden insights

Grata's proprietary engine with 100M+ data points, equipped with a smarter search engine, enables you to unlock new analyses on market size, growth, locations, competitive density, funding history, and more.

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Gather intelligence on companies of interest

Get the latest information regarding private businesses to help you easily capture high-quality, high-value insights for market sizing and competitive analysis work.

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Comprehensive market landscapes
Find and profile every company in your market. Better competitive landscapes and more comprehensive M&A scans.
Market sizing
Build a list of every potential customer in your B2B end market. Size every competitor and estimate market share.
Location analyses
Map every location in your market. Build detailed geospatial analyses and find hidden opportunities across any geography.

Industry Research

Validate your investment thesis. Thematic market mapping, market sizing, and deal activity tracking. Find the overlooked spaces that others miss.

Exit Analyses

Centralize your deal management, streamline your sourcing strategy. Rid yourself of clunky systems.

M&A Scans

Find and connect with private companies and their executives. Grata's deal sourcing platform delivers a competitive edge so you can be first to the deal.

"We are constantly looking for innovative ways to find better answers for our clients. Grata has been terrific for us and allowed us to uncover insights we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find."
Aaron Smith, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
"Grata is a pleasure to work with – they seamlessly integrate with our case teams. Their research platform is truly unique and allows us to deliver the highest quality insights and recommendations to our clients."
Tony Rhie, Partner, Alliance Consulting Group
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