How to Stay Ahead of Recruiting Competition with Automation Software

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Dec 1, 2020

It should come as no surprise — your company isn't the only one that's using or considering automation software in recruiting.

In 2021, the question isn't if your company should use automation, but how.

It's not just about what other teams are doing, either. A 2020 study conducted by HubSpot showed that 60% of marketers said their cost of acquisition has increased in the past 3 years.

Using automated tools can dramatically reduce the cost of acquisition for new clients if you use it to your advantage.

That’s why we want to show you how to use these tools to stay ahead of the curve, meaning more clients and a more continual flow of business.

How to Use Automation Software to Your Advantage

Set Up Alerts and Be the First to Know About New Openings

Many companies approach new job postings manually — that is, checking updates on their daily morning rounds or simply running across what has popped up on a new website.

However, setting up alerts for new job postings can help you stay ahead of the game and reach out to potential clients before your competitors have had an opportunity to do so.

New features in software automation can aggregate regular searches on your preferred job listing sites and send you notifications when a role that fits your target client appears. That way, you won’t miss a beat.

Use An Easy Calendar Scheduling Tool

Scheduling discovery calls with prospective customers can take away time from more valuable tasks. Thankfully, calendar software addresses this problem and helps you track information easily. Some advanced tools even allow you to automatically turn calendar events into to-do list tasks, or connect with other apps.

Here are a few automation options that will give you more time to source and convert opportunities:

  • Mixmax – This tool is built with salespeople in mind. It allows you to propose meeting times (but prevent double booking), including tracking prospect information.
  • Calendly – Calendly has a fully automated and syncs to the calendar of your choice, including different durations (such as 15 minutes or an hour).
  • Clara Labs – This AI tool acts as a virtual employee for you. Simply send an email to Clara as you would a normal assistant, and the machine will schedule calendar events and send out confirmation emails.

Follow Clients When They Post New Positions

Do you already have several clients who have tapped you for work and may be looking for additional help? Receiving notifications about when they post new positions is another great opportunity to develop new business off existing relationships.

Keep Tabs on Competitor Pages and Postings

Make sure your BD automation software helps you keep tabs on the competition. Recruiters often check competitor postings to make sure they're not missing out on valuable information. The ability to automatically aggregate all this information and send it to your inbox potentially saves your team hours a day.

It also ensures that you're not behind the ball on monitoring opportunities. Take, for example, CHG Healthcare. They saved over 7 hours a week using this feature, and now they never have to worry about lagging behind.

Find Verified Contact Info for Hiring Managers

There's little more frustrating than reaching out to a prospect and getting a mail delivery failure in return. Look for technology that offers verified contact information, so you can rest assured that you aren't wasting time sending messages to the wrong address.

While most email verification tools don't come for free, many offer free trials, such as:

  • TheChecker – Helps you get rid of bad emails and bounces.
  • Bouncer – Improves deliverability by filtering risky or unknown email addresses.
  • ZeroBounce – Validates IP addresses and verifies demographics of key recipients.
  • – Validates with 98% accuracy and comes with over 400 million pre-verified emails.

Add a Chatbot To Your Website

If you want to use automation software to give your team an advantage, chatbots are a great place to start. AI chatbots immediately engage prospects on your website without the need of a person to be waiting on the other end. This helps bring prospects right to your doorstep, with little effort after setup.

Some industry-leading chatbots include:

  • Botsify – Build a customized chatbot that can live on your website, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS.
  • Aivo – Offers AI conversations through live chat and even voice, along with integrations for customer support software.
  • Pandorabots – As one of the first chatbots in the world, Pandorabots allows users to create chats without coding (and is multilingual).
  • Flow XO – Integrates easily with WordPress and allows you to create the chatbot with a drag-and-drop editor.

Analyze Trends to Check for Blind Spots

Sometimes the job listings that come across your desk are more thin than you'd hoped for. But how can you know whether this is due to a lack of jobs on the market or some kind of blind spot?

High-quality BD technology should also come with an analytics dashboard that allows you to easily view industry trends and stack those statistics against your own. Maybe you'll discover that Texas job listings are having a slow week, while Arizona is booming. Understanding the greater trends in your market will help ensure there's nothing missing on your end.


A study conducted by Social Media Today revealed that 75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool.

As Greg Head, CMO of Infusionsoft put it, “The reality is the best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.”

Sometimes it only takes a small push to give your company a real edge.

Grata can help

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How to Stay Ahead of Recruiting Competition with Automation Software

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