Market Opportunity

Grata covers a vast universe of companies so you can see the full market perspective in your space — not just a few well-known players.

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Market fragmentation data that paints the full picture

As a strategic sourcing professional, you rely on the most accurate information in order to make decisions. That means scoping the entire market, from public conglomerates to independent, founder-owned companies. Grata gives you a full market perspective into the growth opportunities and competitive forces at play in your space.

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Gain a full market perspective

  • View a market across the full spectrum of public, subsidiary, PE-backed, and independent.
  • In a single snapshot, understand how much of the market is controlled by a few large corporations, or many independent companies.
  • Quickly decipher differences in fragmentation by ownership vs by size of company.

Streamlined Sourcing

Improve team efficiency and save hours every week. Our powerful UI allows you to do in minutes, what once took hours.

  • Similar company search helps you find opportunities that look like your best deals
  • Automatically sync companies and contacts to your CRM
  • Google Chrome Extension extends the power of Grata to any website

How it works

step one
step one

Define your market

Getting your deal data starts with a market. Use Grata’s AI Search, industry classifications, or even a list to scope your market.

step two
step two

Capture the top companies

No matter where you’re playing, you need to know the top players. Grata shows you who the top companies are and the percentage of the workforce they employ.

step three
step three

Glean deeper insights

Go beyond top companies to understand your market further. Grata breaks down your market by ownership and by size so you recognize the potential for new investors.

Frequently asked questions

How does understanding market fragmentation by ownership inform my sourcing strategy?
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Analyzing fragmentation by ownership will show you which markets are attractive for acquisitions and roll-ups vs markets that may be saturated with investors.

How customizable is the Fragmentation data?
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Fragmentation data is entirely customizable based on the market that you define. Any filter you add to your market will generate a completely new view of fragmentation data.

Can the Market Opportunity data help in analyzing competitive dynamics in my market?
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Yes. Market Opportunity data provides an informed perspective of how many other investors may be active in your market. You’ll also understand the size and scale of the companies operating in your market, which helps benchmark the resources available and how you can compete — and win.

Why are precedents transactions higher than comparable companies?
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Transaction values may be higher or lower than comparable companies based on strategic premiums investors or strategic acquirers are willing to pay.

“We looked at other solutions like Capital IQ– but there was a world of difference between their company data and the information we needed.”
Andrew Wert, Air Techniques International
Andrew Wert
"I previously had to do detective work to find good companies to call on. I've used many sources and evaluated many companies, and if I had to design a perfect tool for this it would be pretty close to Grata."
Frank Leibly, Alcon Partners
"The biggest benefit is just how comprehensive all the data is for the individual companies, as well as the industry search capabilities."
Wills Hutras, Copley Equity Partners
"We are constantly looking for innovative ways to find better answers for our clients. Grata has been terrific for us and allowed us to uncover insights we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find."
Aaron Smith, L.E.K Consulting
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