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Grata helps you analyze the deals happening in your market with accuracy. Confidently pinpoint the right valuation for your deal based on past transactions.

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Precedent transactions in any market

Whether you’re evaluating a deal in MedTech or manufacturing, gain a full picture of the deals happening in your space. With deal data, you can now see deal valuations directly in Grata. Quickly determine how your deal should be priced based on the most recent and relevant transactions in the market you define.

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Accurate comps at your fingertips

  • Define a market on your terms using keywords, industry classifications, or your own lists so you’re only evaluating the most precise transaction data.
  • Accurately benchmark the right price for your deal based on the most recent and relevant transactions including acquisition value and post-acquisition valuations.
  • Model strategic premiums in the space or how much smart money is being put to work

Streamlined Sourcing

Improve team efficiency and save hours every week. Our powerful UI allows you to do in minutes, what once took hours.

  • Similar company search helps you find opportunities that look like your best deals
  • Automatically sync companies and contacts to your CRM
  • Google Chrome Extension extends the power of Grata to any website

How it works

step one
step one

Define your market

Getting your deal data starts with a market. Use Grata Search, industry classifications, or even a list to scope your market.

step two
step two

Analyze deal dynamics

See proprietary transaction data including deal values and valuations. See size and growth at the time of the deal to contextualize deal dynamics.

step three
step three

Intelligent filtering

Sort your transactions by recency, deal value, or deal type. You can even filter by all companies acquired in your space or the ones doing the acquiring in your space.

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose precedent transactions for my market?
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Grata’s precedent transactions are surfaced based on our proprietary AI that determines the most accurate comps within the market that you scope.

How is Grata’s data different from PitchBook?
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While PitchBook’ has a large portion of PE-backed and VC-backed companies, they miss deals among the 12M middle market companies and SMBs that are outside their 3M coverage universe. Grata’s AI search increases the chance you find the most accurate M&A comps - faster.

How does Grata acquire deal values?
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Deal values are acquired via our AI that intelligently picks up deal press releases, online mentions, our contributory network, as well as a network of data partners.

How do you get proprietary data at the time of a deal?
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Grata is continuously tracking several data points on private companies. When a company goes through a transaction, we save what we know so you can better understand if the target was doing well or distressed.

How do you capture transactions? Where do you get your deal data from?
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Grata’s deal data comes from multiple sources including company websites, press releases, news, government filings, as well as proprietary data partnerships.

Do you capture private companies, smaller and mid market transactions?
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Part of Grata’s advantage is our coverage of SMB and mid market companies. Because our AI has scoped the entire business internet we can accurately identify and associate transactions with smaller companies that other deal databases miss.

Why are precedents transactions higher than comparable companies?
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Transaction values may be higher or lower than comparable companies based on strategic premiums investors or strategic acquirers are willing to pay.

“We looked at other solutions like Capital IQ– but there was a world of difference between their company data and the information we needed.”
Andrew Wert, Air Techniques International
Andrew Wert
"I previously had to do detective work to find good companies to call on. I've used many sources and evaluated many companies, and if I had to design a perfect tool for this it would be pretty close to Grata."
Frank Leibly, Alcon Partners
"The biggest benefit is just how comprehensive all the data is for the individual companies, as well as the industry search capabilities."
Wills Hutras, Copley Equity Partners
"We are constantly looking for innovative ways to find better answers for our clients. Grata has been terrific for us and allowed us to uncover insights we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find."
Aaron Smith, L.E.K Consulting
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