CHG Saves Over 7 Hours a Week on Recruiting Research by Using Grata

Our Customers
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Jan 14, 2021
Our Customers
"Grata is a great partner. We had an inefficient way of searching for job openings and Grata brought a more efficient, more automated process into the mix." – Sam Schwendiman, Marketing Operations Manager, CHG Healthcare

Company Overview

CHG Healthcare offers trusted, comprehensive staffing for physicians, nurses, and allied health staff. The company places healthcare providers in both temporary and permanent positions in all 50 states, including countries like New Zealand and Australia.

The Problem

CHG Healthcare is one of the longest established physician staffing companies out there. Since 1979, they've matched healthcare providers with organizations that needed to fill crucial openings.

But over the years, the space has become much more competitive, with larger firms aiming to staff the same open positions. CHG now faces competitors who poach information from each others’ websites to find open staffing positions from many of the same sources.

CHG needed a way to find more information more efficiently, in order to have an edge on the competition and provide the best outcomes to both clients and placed staff. That's where Grata stepped in.

The Solution

Automated searches, consolidated in one place

CHG's marketing operations team helps the sales team be as efficient as possible. Once the company started using Grata, they instantly had a more efficient way to track competitors and find brand-new job listings with only a fraction of the effort.

The marketing ops team used Grata to set up automated searches on a range of sites with specific filters — including field specialty, location, and position type. Those curated job listings then appeared in their inboxes, with options for instant notifications.

Easy to export, easy to share

In addition to advanced search capabilities, CHG’s team no longer had to painstakingly pull together data reports. Instead of manually searching, scouring for new jobs, copying, pasting, and reformatting all that information, the process has been streamlined with curated search results and a simple export button.

Their once inefficient and time-consuming process became more automated and comprehensive overnight — and the marketing operations team loved it.

"Grata now allows us to track 15 competitors all in one spot. It gives us their brand-new jobs every single day and refreshes twice a day, which is honestly more than what a recruiter would be doing," says Schwendiman.

The Results

Hours saved every week

Without all the time-consuming labor of manually searching for job openings on each of the 15 competitors’ websites, work that once took an hour and a half a day now only takes 10 minutes. Automatic data updates also mean CHG is getting new information twice a day, instead of only just once.

"It's been huge," says Schwendiman. "It's the time-saving piece without having to go to 15 separate websites and checking those every single day."

Data that tells a story

Grata's information on trending data has also allowed CHG’s team to put their performance into context and check for any blind spots. On top of that, using Grata also made it easier for the company to measure ROI and attribute job placements to the technology CHG has invested in.

"Until we started adding these technologies on the client-side, we weren't able to see where they were coming from and what was helping our business," says Schwendiman. "Grata was actually a key player in linking attribution to the job record in sales."

Customized features and support

CHG works closely with Grata's customer support team to share how they envision using the product. As a result, Grata has created new features tailored to CHG's specific needs. Grata is also in the process of building new advanced search capabilities that will expand CHG's reach.

"Grata is a great partner," says Schwendiman. "Those features have been a game-changer."


Having this powerful new tool has changed the way the company’s recruiting efforts worked on a daily basis, and the CHG team can’t imagine going back.

"The team loves it," says Schwendiman. "It saved a ton of time."

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CHG Saves Over 7 Hours a Week on Recruiting Research by Using Grata

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