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Any business development professional knows how important a well structured day is to success; time management is critical. In a competitive industry, spending the time on your deals that have the highest chance to close is paramount. But how do you make that judgement at the early stages of a deal? You probably rely on past experience and intuition, but you also need deeper data. You need your internal systems to speak to each other. You need to eliminate manual processes that waste time.

In order to deliver the highest level of workflow efficiency and data quality, we’re proud to announce Monoceros - a new set of features in Grata to save you time, and help you make smarter decisions.

Relationship Intelligence - prospect more efficiently than ever before with CRM status syncing

Relationship intelligence
Relationship Intelligence

You can now bring your CRM into Grata. Our new CRM integration continuously syncs data from your rolodex so you know which companies you’ve already touched. Narrow your list based on new companies not in your CRM, and automatically update your CRM with fresh data.

Welcoming HubSpot to the Grata family

HubSpot integration
HubSpot Integration

Got a new list of companies and contacts? You can now sync records with HubSpot, in addition to Salesforce. Setup takes seconds. It’s fully customizable - Grata will match our data against your custom objects. Level up your CRM with fresh data.

Our family of integrations is growing and this just is the start!

APIs that fit in with your data infrastructure

Search API
Grata API

Unleash the power of Search across your native systems. We’ve introduced three new endpoints. Our Search API delivers the power of Grata’s search capabilities into your proprietary systems. Our Similar Search API helps you find lookalike companies, build lookalike audiences, and discover the companies you missed. Our Enrichment API brings Grata company profiles into your system, ensuring that your data is robust and up-to-date. With our powerful APIs, you can prospect new targets, find similar companies, and build models without ever leaving your system.

Never-before seen business model data

Business model data

In a fast-paced, competitive environment every advantage helps, which is why we’re equipping you to prospect like never before with new data points.

  • Business models. How do they do business? Filter on modern business models. Separate software from services and retailers from distributors. Understand how companies deliver value to the market.
  • Target verticals. Who are their customers? Businesses or consumers? Industrials or transportation? Instantly discover who companies sell to. Find verticalized companies easier.
  • Sector classifications. What sector do they operate in? Professional services or healthcare? Easily classify companies and map to industry standard taxonomies.

Get started with Monoceros

If you’re a Grata customer, you can begin using our new CRM integrations, business model data, and API today. Log in to get started or get in touch with your Account Manger to learn more about our API functionality and relationship intelligence (CRM sync). Interested to chat about how Grata can help you save time and find companies you can’t find anywhere else? Get started by requesting a demo!

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