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Deal data, comps, and custom markets powered by AI

As we continue our journey at Grata, I'm thrilled to share the launch of our latest product, Market Research. Today, we are expanding our horizons from deal sourcing to desktop diligence and deal execution, one step closer to our vision of building the first end-to-end private dealmaking platform.

For too long, the monopoly on deal data, especially valuations, multiples, and acquisition values, has rested in the hands of PitchBook. This concentrated control over what many consider mission-critical has limited the ability of dealmakers to access highly proprietary and hard-to-find information. We are challenging the status quo. Our aim is bold but clear: to democratize access to critical investment data and insights that were once elusive to many in the industry.

By leveraging AI search, we are setting new standards for accuracy in comps. Better transaction comps and public comps yield more accurate valuations, and better valuations lead to better deals - for both buyers and sellers. Grata is ensuring that our users have access to the most relevant and precise deal data available. This marks a fundamental shift from the past, where valuations have been based on broad industry categories or tediously hand-picked deals.

Market research isn’t just about deals. It’s about understanding growth and M&A opportunities in markets. Until now, there’s been a tradeoff in market intelligence: buy industry research reports based on macroeconomic data, try to run your own pivots from incomplete company-level data, and/or commission expensive bespoke research. Grata Market Research finally breaks through the noise, with instant, bespoke market insight derived from near-comprehensive company coverage. This data helps quantify fragmentation, market share, M&A opportunities, and competitive dynamics like never before.

We are excited to equip our customers with a comprehensive platform that covers the entire dealmaking workflow from start to finish. By offering resources that span from initial deal sourcing through execution, Grata is transforming the way deals are discovered, evaluated, and completed.

Thank you for being a part of our journey - and special thanks to hundreds of users who gave us feedback and expressed their desire for deal data in Grata. Your trust, support, and feedback have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

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