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In today's competitive investment landscape, effective communication with institutional investors can help your debut fund stand out from the crowd.

The right strategies that can help you establish and maintain productive relationships with limited partners (LPs). 

It’s easy to agree that effective communication is the cornerstone of successful relationships with institutional investors. But fund managers–particularly emerging fund managers– are juggling a lot of relationships. Relationships with business owners, bankers, and other investors. Here are the most effective ways to maintain relationships with existing or future LPs, directly from LPs.

Choosing the Right Communication Channel

Platforms like LinkedIn are a great resource to keep up to date with LPs, but it’s important to recognize this has become just another inbox to check. Instead, the LPs on our LP Lens panel indicated that they prefer any important message be directly to their email to keep their communications more streamlined.

With email as the primary channel, it’s important to consider what goes into your LP emails. 

1. Thoughtful Email Approach: Crafting a well-thought-out email that presents your strategy, team, and prior track record can leave a lasting impression on investors.

2. Including Pitch Decks: Attaching pitch decks to your initial email can provide comprehensive information upfront, reducing the need for follow-ups.

Hear more directly from Katie Moore, Managing Partner, Fund Investments, Hamilton Lane, and Aditya Fontana-Raina, Managing Director, Stepstone Group shared their thoughts on how to engage LPs on communication best practices.

Use the LPs’ Centralized System

Centralized systems can be a game-changer in managing investor communication. Larger LPs typically use forms on their website to track investor pitches. If you see this link, upload your information there. More likely than not, that will be the first place you are directed if you email someone personally at the firm.

Centralized systems may seem like sending your information into a void, but know that those forms are being monitored and assessed. Centralized pitch submissions mean that your valuable information is readily accessible, making it easier for LPs to stay organized and respond to investor inquiries. It also means that your pitch is being efficiently tracked.

The follow-up process is critical. It requires patience and strategic thinking.

Be patient. Recognize that institutional investors deal with high volumes of communication. Give them time to respond. When you do follow up, send brief emails with key information.  

Understanding Investor Needs

To build successful relationships, it's essential to understand the specific needs and processes of institutional investors:

1. Personalization Matters: Investors appreciate emails tailored to their unique requirements and limitations.

2. Timing is Key: Ensure that your follow-ups align with the investor's preferred timing and communication structure.

The best way to nurture LP relationship is to be on the same page from the first meeting. Here are 5 questions new fund managers should ask in the first GP meeting.

Creative Ways to Stay on Investors' Radar

Staying on an LPs’ radar doesn't require constant emails. Here are some creative ways to keep them up to date on the important events at your firm.

1. Portfolio Updates: Share important developments in your portfolio, such as potential exits or new investments.

2. Organizational Changes: Notify investors of any team additions or departures, keeping them informed about your organization's stability.

3. Co-investment Opportunities: If relevant, inform investors about co-investment opportunities that align with their interests.

4. Updates on Fundraising: For those in the fundraising phase, timely updates are crucial. Know your audience: Differentiate your approach when dealing with institutional investors versus one-off investors, as institutional investors represent multiple stakeholders. 

For all updates, it’s important to integrate with technology. The right tools can seamlessly integrate email updates into your communication system to keep all parties at your firm informed and ensure quick access to information.

Keep Your LPs Up to Date

Effectively communicating with institutional investors is an art rather than a science. Patience, personalization, and creativity are key elements in building and maintaining strong investor relationships. By understanding investor needs and leveraging technology, you can enhance your chances of securing investments and growing your portfolio.

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