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Wishing you could spend more time on BD? Struggling to close deals with the right buyer? Welcome to Grata.
Target middle-market companies in seconds

Grata takes the effort out of origination with over 6M companies at your fingertips. Use keyword searches or our pre-built lists to quickly identify founder-run, family-owned businesses.

HR software and managed services
Accelerate your outreach with executive contacts

Over 1M verified owners and founders at your fingertips. Contact information is verified for deliverability, giving you peace of mind.

Executive contacts
Capitalize on wins with similar company search

Expand a lead list or upload your past deals and Grata will uncover new targets in seconds.

Similar company search
Find the right buyer and close more deals

Grata’s proprietary search algorithm identifies companies based on strategic criteria so you avoid wasting time pitching the wrong companies.

Web text search
Capture all the data you need in one place

Grata provides summary statistics from your list in one clean view and an automated deck builder. Immediately analyze your market by top companies, size, and M&A trends.

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