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Grata is the easiest way to find, target, and connect with family-owned businesses
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Grata offers best in class coverage of over 6M North American businesses. We help you find the companies that no one else is looking at.

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Map markets with confidence

Break free of database fields: define markets on your own terms with intuitive tags. Better capture your investable universe and pursue the markets with the most untouched targets.

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Getting in touch made easier

Transition from account identification to outreach in seconds with over 1M executive contacts, verified for deliverability.

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Amplify your efforts with similar company search

Have an ideal target in mind? Grata will surface a list of companies that look and behave like your ideal lead, maximizing your chances of success.

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Automated business development in a single tool

Grata saves you time with signals that monitor changes at your target companies. You can also prospect around the internet, anytime, with our Chrome Extension.

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