Expand your middle market and SMB footprint

Grata is a modern search engine for targeted sales and marketing campaigns
The latest technology in B2B targeting

Increase engagement and conversion. Target by strategic fit: go deeper than size and industry. Give your mid market and SMB prospects the more personalized buying experience they want.

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Build targeted prospect lists

Engage with the right companies. Target companies by business model. Search by specific products, services, and features. Refine by the end markets they sell to.

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Access verified executive contacts

Our database includes over 1M emails and social profiles, verified for deliverability - so you can prospect with confidence.

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Koko Zarov, VP of Enterprise Sales, Onemata
Quite honestly, Grata has been the best tool that I've ever used in my career.
Koko Zarov, VP of Enterprise Sales, Onemata
Find new prospects and expand your TAM

Jumpstart your middle market strategy. Uncover the hard to find companies your competitors miss. Find the overlooked leads that aren’t in your funnel or making headlines.

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Find look-alike opportunities

Find the prospects that look like your best customers. Discover what makes companies a right fit for you, and enrich your CRM with highly qualified pipeline.

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Automate your mid market account intelligence

Build custom intent signals that do the prospecting work for you. Save your searches, create dynamic lists, and receive alerts to stay ahead. Consolidate your private company data.

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Prioritize the best accounts

Prioritize the companies most likely to buy from you. Find whose positioning aligns with your messaging.

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Launch personalized outbound campaigns

Add companies to your CRM and segment your outbound campaigns. Increase conversion by engaging companies on a more personal level, so you spend less time drafting emails and more time closing business.

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