Middle-market deal software for strategic buyers

Save time finding companies that are a strategic fit for your business. Deal origination: simplified.
Find strategic targets with ease

Our NLP technology empowers you to find your niche, no matter how specific. Discovery companies in your market, adjacencies, and emerging technologies.

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Map your market with similar company search

Got an ideal acquisition in mind? Grata’s similar company search will help you uncover more companies that look and behave like your targets, or your best past deals.

Similar company search
Automate your reporting

Share data with executives. Automate market maps. Put the days of pixel pushing and logo cropping behind you.

Create custom decks
Say goodbye to the email guessing game

Instantly unlock verified business owners and executives with a single click. Access verified emails and social profiles and rest assured your outreach won’t go unnoticed.

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Monitor your acquisition targets in the background

Use signals to track prospective targets based on hiring, growth, or ownership changes. Get notified so you can make a move when the time is right.

Payroll companies who are hiring
Meet the right companies

Find the right companies at conferences, trade shows, and events. Make the most of your time on the road.

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