Middle-market deal origination software for buy-side advisors

Save time finding businesses that meet your clients’ criteria. Deal origination: simplified.
Effectively target middle-market companies

Our proprietary search algorithm helps you find the companies that others miss, including founder-run and family-owned businesses all throughout North America.

HR software and managed services
Expand your reach to similar companies

Targeting an add-on? Effortlessly identify companies that look and behave like your client’s portfolio companies.

Similar company search
Gain new insights on private companies

Uncover hidden signals that change valuations. Match your client’s investment criteria with hiring, growth, funding, and ownership data.

Boston Dynamics
Reach business owners and executives with the click of a button

With over 1M executive contacts, you can instantly identify and engage with business owners.

Executive contacts
Launch personalized outreach campaigns

Accelerate your outreach efforts with a CRM integration for automated, personal touchpoints

All in one platform
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