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Work smarter, not harder

As a private market dealmaker, you understand how difficult it is to fully comprehend a company’s investment potential before engaging with them. But how can you properly balance your time with the opacity around financial performance? With web traffic data from Grata, you can assess a target’s potential with a whole new dimension.

Grata users can now layer web traffic metrics into their searches to filter based on how many web visits a company attracts. You’ll also be able to analyze web traffic performance over time within company profiles.

Here’s how Grata’s web traffic helps you find more of the right kind of companies.

Utilize web traffic in your sizing calculations

If you’re a seasoned dealmaker then you’re familiar with utilizing employee count as a proxy for company size. But for a digitally enabled company, employee count might not paint the whole picture - think eCommerce. Now with Grata’s web traffic filter you can add another size dimension into your query so you don’t miss a thing.

  • As with any discovery process, start typing keyword terms into the search bar
  • Analyze your results to determine where you’d like to narrow your search
  • Within the filter panel, expand the Size category and enter minimum and maximum values for Monthly Web Visits

Analyze website growth trends

After building an initial target list it’s time to dig deeper into individual companies. Within the company profile you’ll now find a new tile visualizing website traffic performance trends, among all other firmographic information. Grata’s new view gives you the data to analyze web traffic performance over one month, quarter, six month, and annual intervals.

You can use website growth to

  • Contextualize company events like a product launch or recent fundraise
  • Estimate financials based on overall website growth trends
  • Determine seasonality

Be on the look out soon for more company sizing features.

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