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There are more than 7 million private companies in the U.S., but unlike publicly traded corporations, private companies are notoriously difficult to find and engage — even for the best dealmakers. That’s because most of the information about them is scattered online, unclassified, and difficult to analyze and compare.  

At Grata, we realized this was no way to build an optimal deal pipeline or a competitive advantage, which is why we created the leading private company intelligence engine. But as a first mover in this space, we’ve found that it’s sometimes hard for firms to fully grasp everything our powerful search engine is capable of.

Some industry people have described us as “the Google for private company data” or “a search engine for private company information.” But Grata is so much more than that. It’s why we’d like to re-introduce ourselves with a new look and feel — and a whole new website. Here’s what you need to know about the new and improved Grata.

Our Mission

We’re the leading private company intelligence engine, and we aspire to deliver value by providing innovative dealmakers in search of an edge with unparalleled information and access that drives the private economy.

We accomplish this by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to make information about small and medium-sized businesses less opaque, allowing firms to unlock the middle market and partner with growing companies.

Our company principles center around four key pillars:

True visibility

We use a range of sources to provide comprehensive coverage and up-to-date information on private companies across diverse industries.

Relevant intelligence

We deliver nuanced, contextual insights by combining, enriching, and analyzing diverse sources to give you an informational edge.

Smart search

Our platform features a simple and modern user experience that empowers you to discover the most relevant targets faster.

Uncovering opportunities

We help you quickly understand the landscape within your target markets to unearth new companies with huge investment potential.

While we’ve crystallized our mission, we also refreshed our visual identity to clearly drive home what differentiates our brand.

Our New Look & Feel

Our brand is visionary and innovative, yet approachable. Our logo embodies this.

We believe deal sourcing should be simple and straightforward, and our new visual identity and website design clearly demonstrate this ethos. We’ve used a grid system to make all our brand elements cohesive and to underscore our core brand idea of simplifying and powerfully connecting diverse data sources. We’ve also updated our typography and color scheme, using Faktum and Antarctican Mono typeface for a modern, technical edge.

Our colors include bold blues, teals, yellows, and variations of whites and black for a clean, smart, and simple design.

Like our platform, our color scheme is also a point of differentiation from the sea of blue you commonly see in the branding of legacy database providers. We’re doing innovative work every day to transform the private company information landscape and our visual identity now clearly embodies this.

Our goal is to give you the best and most differentiated private market intelligence available in one streamlined, easy-to-use platform. We want to help our users evolve from good dealmakers into great ones. Our new brand and visual identity bring us even closer to fulfilling that mission, so thank you for taking the time to explore our new site and all we have to offer.

Welcome to the new Grata. We’re so glad you’re here.

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