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What’s the most frustrating part of being a deal sourcing professional? Wasted time. Nothing beats the hair pulling feeling of engaging with hundreds of companies only to yield two to three high-quality management meetings. But how do you ensure that your time is being spent efficiently? That you’re engaging the right companies at the right time?


For a long time, dealmakers relied on networking and events. Going to industry conferences was a great way to rub shoulders with a few people. But travel is time consuming and expensive - and it doesn’t scale well.


Company lists and online databases also had their day in the sun. Purchasing a database or long list of companies gives you the volume you couldn’t get from events. Unfortunately, business owners aren’t taking meetings just because you’re an investment firm that sent them an email. 

What’s next? How are firms sourcing deals now?

Introducing deep search

With our latest release we’re proud to offer the most revolutionary search improvement yet.

Deep search from Grata is the way to break past the tip of the iceberg to find more companies and run comprehensive searches.

Deep search combines the power of website search with industry search, so you can find and rank the right targets within an industry, faster. And now, equipped with our new suggestion module, Grata deciphers intent and surfaces the right terms, companies, or deep search queries in seconds.

No other platform or tool can surface the breadth and range of insights. Interested in finding municipal HVAC companies - since government contracts are recession-proof? Ctrl+F in your spreadsheet won’t cut it because nuances in product lines and offerings can’t be surfaced with a simple description. Want to find subscription car washes for a recurring revenue play? Databases only provide high-level company descriptions.

Deep search from Grata is the best way to build smarter campaigns and find hidden gems. In this competitive market, that’s your key to more management meetings…and better deals.


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