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Searches start with an industry. “I want to explore disaster clean up services.” Or, “let’s look into dental practices.” But how do you find the right companies with a keyword search if they don’t use those terms on their website? Enter Grata’s industry filter.

With our new industry classification algorithms, Grata now accurately categorizes millions of companies into hundreds of NAICS codes. Training our machine learning (ML) models on 9.5 million companies ensures that you not only get the most accurate data, but the most consistent data as well. And with a new filter experience you’ll get better search results - saving time in the process.

Here’s how you can make the most out of our new industry filter.

Top down searching: Go deeper

Consider an industry you’d like to explore. For example, dental clinics:

  • Navigate to search and expand the Operating Model section to find the Industry filter
  • Start typing your industry into the Include cell. Grata’s NLP algorithms will recommend matches based on your entry.
  • Go deeper with keywords. For example, let’s say you want to find high margin services that patients are paying for out-of-pocket. Let’s include whitening, veneers, dentures, and implants. You now have the best targets that you couldn’t find in any database.

Bottom up searching: Scope your results

The bottom up approach works well when you start with a thematic keyword query but want to scope your results.

  • Load a saved search or begin building a query based on your thesis. For example, municipal HVAC because you want HVAC service providers that have stable government contracts during a recession. The equipment companies and distributors that mention “HVAC” and “municipal” rise to the top.
  • Let’s fix this and narrow down to the service providers. Expand the Industry filter and tell Grata what you’re looking for. Select Building Equipment Contractors to see the municipal HVAC service providers.

Stay tuned for more exciting industry classification updates coming soon!

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