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Search and discover relevant conferences, gain deep insights into the companies who are attending

Today’s dealmakers are more tech-enabled than ever. Advancements in ML, NLP, and cloud computing make it incredibly efficient to find and research companies - without ever speaking to someone. But after more than two years of on and off COVID procedures many professionals are eager to engage in person.

Conference-based sourcing can have a place in a holistic deal sourcing strategy. But if you’re buying conference lists from an untrusted source or manually checking conference sponsors against your CRM you’re losing efficiency.

Using Grata’s new Conference Explorer, your multi-faceted sourcing strategy is more powerful than ever. Search across thousands of conferences to identify the best in-person sourcing opportunities. Specially-tuned filters help you narrow the field by conference name, location, industry focus, number of participants, and date. Since Conference Explorer is powered by Grata search you’ll be able to find exactly the right companies to target - all without leaving your office.

Here’s how to get the most out of Conference Explorer.

Find the right in-person opportunities using our new search experience

Access the Conference Explorer via the home screen or the Lists page. Click View All to launch the Explorer.

From the home view you can either explore the list of all conferences or use filters to narrow the field. For example, let’s find conferences for healthcare professionals in the next 90 days.

Quickly research and engage with attendees

Click a conference tile to get more details on the event as well as the list of companies attending. Grata’s conference tags surface relevant company insights like who’s a sponsor or exhibitor - and booth numbers to locate targets at the conference.

You can continue filtering or take the next step by unlocking contacts and syncing the list to your CRM. Want to broaden your universe of targets? Click Find Similar Companies and Grata will identify even more, potentially undiscovered companies based off your Conference list.

Grata’s Conference Explorer empowers efficient in-person deal sourcing and provides new ways to gain a competitive edge in finding previously undiscovered companies.

Interested in learning more about how Grata can help you find, research, and engage with undiscovered middle market companies? Get in touch with our team here.

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