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In July we launched Relationship Intelligence, a bi-directional CRM sync to empower our customers to search smarter and close deals quicker. Relationship Intelligence not only adds Grata to your CRM, but it also brings your CRM into Grata, streamlining the process of finding the right insights into the most relevant businesses for you.

We’re proud to announce that Grata now integrates with DealCloud. As the leading CRM platform for capital markets, DealCloud now joins our existing family of integration partners Salesforce and HubSpot.

“The Grata & DealCloud integration has been a great efficiency boost for both myself and our whole team. We’re always looking for great new businesses, so being able to toggle on/off what is already in our CRM with a single click ensures that we’re spending as much time as we can finding those new or hidden gems.” -Daniel Gamlin, Frontier Growth

Our new integration empowers you to:

  • View all companies and contacts from DealCloud directly in your Grata experience. Use this to filter out any companies already in your pipeline and find new deals as you search.
  • Sync any new companies or contacts you find directly to DealCloud to add to your pipeline.
  • Automatically enrich all relevant firmographic data for existing and new companies to your DealCloud instance as the data is updated.

Ready to set up your DealCloud integration? Here’s how:

  1. Get in touch with Customer Success to have a CS Manager enable your account. Email your CSM directly, start a chat in Intercom, or email
  2. Click on your profile icon from the home screen and navigate to Account
  3. Under Integrations click DealCloud and authorize your account
  4. Follow the prompts to map all necessary fields
  5. Specify your preference for a single or bi-directional sync

Not on DealCloud? Read more about our integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot.

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