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There are 1.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. They make up just under 20% of all companies that employ workers in the country.

Women leaders and innovators make their mark in nearly every industry sector: The companies listed in this article alone range from creative production to physical  fitness to information technology. For dealmakers looking to invest in promising women-owned companies, Grata’s private company intelligence makes it easy to find them. 

Below are snapshots of five businesses that investors should know about. All five are bootstrapped, so unearthing information about these companies would likely require hours of research and scouring different sources online.

Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you.

1. Pyramide Productions

If you’re familiar with Pixar and Dreamworks, Pyramide plays in the same space. This creative studio and full-service agency—led by its president, Pamela Chiriboga—launched nearly 20 years ago and specializes in creative direction, pre- and post-production. Its work runs the gamut from sound design to live action and animation. Pyramide’s client roster features global tech and commerce heavyweights, including Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks and Expedia. In 2019, the agency won two Telly awards, receiving honors for its video work with the apparel company TomboyX

As of 2019, less than 0.1% of creative agencies were founded by women, making Pyramide’s longevity a rarity in the space—and it’s unique vantage point as a woman-owned business much needed in the creative industry.

Year founded: 2003
Employee count:
Redmond, WA

Similar companies: Flying Colors Broadcasts, Jane Doe Studios

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2. Corporate Fitness Works

As more companies embrace hybrid work models, employee health and wellness will become a business-critical priority. Even before the pandemic, Corporate Fitness Works was helping businesses deliver impactful employee wellness programs. The company develops corporate fitness centers and companion onsite and virtual wellness programs that help organizations recruit and retain healthy, productive employees. 

Over its 34-year history, Corporate Fitness Works has collaborated with clients such as Lowe’s and Sprint, creating a state-of-the-art fitness center called “The Workshop” in Lowe’s North Carolina office and a three-story, 70,000-square-foot fitness center in Sprint’s Kansas headquarters

Corporate Fitness Works currently has centers at more than 100 client sites across 23 states, helping company types ranging from car manufacturers to investment firms prioritize employee wellness. 

Year founded: 1988
Employee count:
St. Petersburg, FL

Similar companies: Kinema Fitness, FACTS Fitness

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3. Envision Architects

Led by partners Daria Mallin, Jennifer Robillard and Kelly Klopfer, Envision focuses on healthcare, education, community and cultural projects. The firm isn’t just women-owned, it’s fully operated by all women. 

Envision designed ICU wings and oncology centers, clinical laboratories, museums, churches and even food co-ops. It is currently working on a $29.5 million Offshore Wind Tower manufacturing project at the Port of Albany, funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

The project is expected to advance clean energy manufacturing and create 500 construction jobs and 550 manufacturing and support jobs in Albany, so Envision Architects not only will play a key role in advancing sustainability, but also bolstering the local economy.  

Year founded: 1983
Employee count:
Albany, NY

Similar companies: Canopy Architecture, MOA Architecture

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4. First Call Staffing

With offices primarily in the Midwest, South and Southwest, First Call has served industries such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics and hospitality for more than 30 years. 

The company—founded by mother-and-daughter team Rita Zoller and Tracy Nice out of a small office in Richmond, Indiana—is divided into four divisions: staffing, quality services, supplies and professional services. 

Throughout its history, First Call has placed hundreds of thousands of job seekers and completed thousands of quality service projects. The company is expanding into new markets and is continuing its legacy of connecting skilled professionals with companies who could use their talent. 

Year founded: 1991
Employee count:
Indianapolis, IN

Similar companies: TriCor Employment Screening, KMM Resources.

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5. Six Feet Up, Inc

Technology is the key to helping businesses of all sizes automate their processes and drive innovation. Six Feet Up provides the support and expertise growth companies need to leverage Python and the cloud to achieve their goals. 

For more than two decades, Six Feet Up — which touts itself as a “woman-owned, human-friendly company” — has worked with companies to accelerate their digital transformations, providing the expert consulting and proven best practices they need to build apps faster, innovate with artificial intelligence, move to the cloud and harness Big Data.

The firm counts NASA, UCLA, Penn State and Capital One among its many clients and has a mission to work on 10 impactful, transformative and future-focused projects by the year 2025. It’s already gotten a head start, with projects focused on space exploration and genetic engineering. 

Year founded: 1999
Employee count:
Fishers, IN

Similar Companies: Elite Mindz Pvt Ltd., TRooTech Business Solutions

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This is just a small sample of innovative, women-led companies transforming their industries. But to invest in companies like these, you first have to find them.

Dynamic sourcing discovers more differentiated information than you could find in a static database. You can use specific keywords as a starting point, like "women-owned businesses," and filter by business model, sector, employee count, ownership and location. Grata makes it easy to conduct thematic searches and quickly build a comprehensive list of companies using the “Similar Companies” feature.

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