Voice of customer benchmarking

Grata benchmarks company performance from online reviews
Grata is used by the leading investors and brands to find improvements and track performance.
A better way to analyze performance

Grata benchmarks you against similar companies, so you discern good from bad and understand what customers really think. Enhance and contextualize your review management efforts.

A better way to analyze performance
Theme tagging

Focus on what’s most important to customers. See what drives share of voice across product, pricing, operations, customer service, and more.

Voice of customer themes
Sentiment analysis

Market your strengths and address your weaknesses. Don’t get distracted by common complaints. Know how you really perform, relative to your peers.

Voice of customer sentiment
Trend analysis

See historical changes and monitor progress. Spot competitors or channels gaining traction.

Voice of customer trends
Market insight

Analyze entire markets and adjacencies. Spot market-level deficiencies. Stay ahead of changing preferences.

Voc market insights
Automated decks

Turn dashboards into decks. Spent time finding insights, not pushing pixels. Share your findings with leadership, investors, and boards.

VOC decks
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