Smarter proprietary deal sourcing for M&A

Grata's company search engine is the new source of truth for small and medium business data. With unmatched coverage and searchability, you'll maximize deal ROI, save time, and stay one step ahead of the market.
Smarter proprietary deal sourcing for M&A

Grata is the only tool for efficient middle-market prospecting at scale

  • Proactively source the most promising, overlooked companies
  • Intuitively map markets with advanced fields
  • Find companies similar to your best deals
  • Instantly access verified executive contacts
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Source more deals with best in class small and medium business coverage

Grata boasts the most extensive small and medium business database on the market - and we're not done. We add over 100k companies per week creating new windows of opportunity for investors.

Small and medium business database
Map markets with confidence and break free from traditional DB fields

Save precious time by logically searching for companies based on keyword, size, ownership, business model, growth, and past funding.

Market mapping software
Over one million executive contacts at your disposal

Grata doesn't just help you find companies, we automate the entire BD workflow. Identify executives at your target companies and integrate verified emails with your CRM.

Executive contacts card
Capitalize on your best deals with lookalikes

Our natural language processing (NLP) technology helps identify companies that look just like your best investments. Upload custom lists and Grata will identify similar companies so you can capitalize on your best deals.

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