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The right tool depends on your targets. Company profiles found in Grata and Pitchbook are distinct. Pitchbook is the leading resource for global capital markets data, research, and insights. Grata uncovers previously unidentified companies, including targets that have yet to go through an M&A transaction. 

How is the data acquired?

Grata‚Äôs proprietary artificial intelligence gathers information straight from the source ‚ÄĒ a company‚Äôs own website. Grata quickly acquires and clearly displays information like employee estimates, company growth, and funding data.

Pitchbook manually collects data. Their company data cannot be refreshed at the same rate as Grata’s.

Grata is the leading business development platform for thesis-driven dealmakers looking to source deals in the middle market. Grata provides comprehensive company profiles with in-depth information for millions of companies that have not undergone an M&A transaction.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence gathers information directly from companies in their own words but also translates what those words mean for an investor.

We collect a business' website copy and translate it into a dealmaker‚Äôs language. Language like ‚Äútailored solutions‚ÄĚ on a company‚Äôs webpage converts to the correct label ‚Äúservices company‚ÄĚ and words like ‚Äúplatform‚ÄĚ into ‚Äúsoftware company.‚Ä̬†

Pitchbook is the leading resource for comprehensive financial data, in-depth market reports, and insights spanning the global capital markets.

Pitchbook may be a good fit for investors whose thesis leans strongly on upper middle market opportunities.

Manage Your Deal Funnel in Grata

Grata is an end-to-end business development platform encompassing company research, company discovery, and industry exploration. With Grata, you can find new targets, map markets, and track your deal funnel all in one place.


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Proprietary Data You Can Trust

Search Engine Technology: Built by 30 engineers, supported by 40 QA analysts, reviewing data at the rate of 3,000 analysts

Comprehensive Coverage: Never miss a deal

Diligence Grade: Used by 9 of the 10 top consulting firms in commercial due diligence

Deeper Data: Up to 25 data points per company, deepest data on >12M hard-to-find companies

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Technology-Driven Means More Searchable Results

Grata is not a database, it is an ever-expanding universe of companies.


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Frequently asked questions

Where does Grata get its data from? How is the data different from Pitchbook?
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Grata processes data through AI trained on a robust set of private company information‚ÄĒ10 million private companies, 1.2 billion web pages, and 3 years of historicals from 15 different sources. Grata is the only investment-aware language model built for M&A workflows. Pitchbook vets data with a team of data operations associates focused on PE and VC transaction data.

Do investors use Pitchbook and Grata together?
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Pitchbook is built on ownership and funding transaction data. Grata is built on deep web data of private companies. Pitchbook solves sourcing workflows for investors who buy venture or PE-backed companies. Grata is best for those who invest in bootstrapped, independent companies and want detailed market research. Many firms use both Grata and Pitchbook.

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