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Top consulting firms rely on Grata to accurately size markets and map competitive landscapes
Aaron Smith, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
We are constantly looking for innovative ways to find better answers for our clients. Grata has been terrific for us and allowed us to uncover insights we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find.
Aaron Smith, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting
Map markets with confidence

Use Grata’s search engine to build comprehensive lists of companies and locations, unique to your project.

Property management technology
Proprietary data at your fingertips

Capture unique insights at scale. Tag companies with custom data points based on the products and services they offer and the markets they serve.

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Automate your desk research

Enrich company lists with deeper data such as size, growth, funding, and locations - saving you hours in your day.

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An extension of your team

Your clients have unique challenges. Our team helps ensure that you and your clients get the right answers fast - we know you live under tight deadlines.

Centralized solution
Elevate your intelligence

Go beyond expert calls, off-the-shelf reports, and late nights. Leverage Grata to get the most accurate answers to your hardest questions.

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