Voice of customer diligence

Grata’s voice of customer platform distills investment-grade insights from online reviews
Digitize your customer diligence

Customers are researching, purchasing, and engaging with products online, but your diligence is offline. Stay ahead of the digital age and modernize your customer diligence. Turn online reviews into investable insights.

See what others miss

Star ratings are inflated. Skimming for keywords is ineffective. Grata’s platform deploys a structured approach to detecting themes and sentiment in online reviews, helping you dive layers below the surface.

Get the right answer

Sentiment analysis can be misleading. Grata benchmarks every insight against similar companies and markets, so you discern good from bad and understand what really matters to customers.

Add operational value

Executives want value-add investors. Give yourself an edge in the deal process by adding value before you close. Discover improvements across product, pricing, operations, and customer service.

Save time and money

Grata gives you the best of both worlds: nuanced consulting reports for the price of software. Automatically generate decks for your investment committee and board meetings, and dive deeper with interactive dashboards.

Your trusted source for digital customer diligence

Analyze consumer products, services, and technologies. Our benchmarks cover every B2C market from beauty and food to retail, restaurants, hospitality, education, healthcare, financial services, and mobile apps. Target the companies and sectors with hard to reach customers.

Your trusted source for digital customer diligence
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