How Onemata Revolutionized Their Lead Sourcing Process Overnight

Our Customers
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Feb 16, 2021
Our Customers
"Quite honestly, Grata has been the best tool that I've ever used in my career." - Koko Zarov, VP of Enterprise Sales, Onemata

Company Overview

Onemata is on a mission to make data accessible for companies of all sizes. The Denver-based data as a service provider specializes in providing raw data to companies to build derivative products with that data. They're one of the largest suppliers of mobile location data in the market as well as consumer intelligence and firmographic data.

The Problem

Finding prospective customers at Onemata was always a dull and time-consuming process before the company started to use Grata.

Koko Zarov, VP of Enterprise Sales, spent hours Googling companies similar to their ideal profile. He spent time clicking on websites, reading through them, going to LinkedIn, typing in other companies and reading about them — rinse and repeat. Overall, the process felt like an Internet rabbit hole and wasn't nearly as effective as he would like.

The Solution

Onemata partnered with Grata to find more efficient ways to source prospective customers. Using Grata's B2B search engine, they were able to skip the headaches and time-consuming search processes they used before.

Now, Zarov is able to type in specific keywords for specific company types he's looking for. He can then narrow down the search with options like location, read the list of companies available, and find decision-makers to introduce himself to on LinkedIn.

Even better, Zarov can take some of the previous list of companies and use them to search for similar companies on Grata's platform. Zarov was impressed by how spot on the search was.

"The value that I'm getting from Grata is just unbelievable, how quickly it's able to actually identify the exact companies that I'm looking for," says Zarov.

The Results

The ease and efficiency of use is what has made Grata stand out for Onemata.

"In a single screen, I can view the prospect's website, keywords, about summary, industry, key contacts — within seconds," says Zarov. "We've looked at a lot of other platforms, but LinkedIn doesn't really allow you to search for companies in a way that Grata does."

Within an hour of using Grata's B2B search tool, Zarov had already created a couple of opportunities. After five hours, he was up to 20 opportunities.

Now, Zarov can find ideal prospective clients in a fraction of the time. This enables him to focus his time and energy on higher priority tasks. And as his team grows, he plans to keep it going.

"As we go and add more people, I think every single one of them would be a user of Grata," says Zarov. “I'm super targeted and able to get to the right company, the right people and with the right messaging the first time.”

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How Onemata Revolutionized Their Lead Sourcing Process Overnight

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